Who’s up for shots? No, not alcohol—we’re talking about that sublime sip of pure sunshine energy: wheatgrass juice. Pour yourself a tall glass of this green elixir and let’s recap why a wheatgrass juice shot a day is better than any old apple—and just what the doctor ordered. 

What Makes Wheatgrass Juice So Good? 

The benefits of drinking this plant abound, and have been long praised since it became ‘trendy’ several decades ago. Wheatgrass is the tender young shoots of the (you guessed it!) wheat plant, and boasts a myriad of benefits including:

  • Nutrient dense (packed with important ones like vitamins A,C, E, iron, magnesium & calcium)
  • Packed with powerful antioxidants
  • 17 valuable amino acids (the building blocks of protein) 
  • Oxygenating chlorophyll    

Additionally, studies have shown wheatgrass may help ease inflammation, balance cholesterol and even out balance blood sugar levels. And it’s alkalizing and energy-boosting, to boot! But what makes wheatgrass so darn powerful? Its sky high chlorophyll content plays a big role.    

Chlorophyll is the ultimate life-giving force that absorbs light during photosynthesis in plants. It carries its own set of incredible nutrients and is reportedly chemically similar to hemoglobin, an integral part of building healthy red blood cells. Many veggies have it but, with a 70% chlorophyll content, wheatgrass gets all the bragging rights.  

Okay, But I’ve Heard… 

Rumors about this green shot abound, so we’d like to take a moment to put some of them to rest…   

Myth #1: Humans can’t properly digest wheatgrass. 

Wheatgrass contains cellulose which, it’s true, is not digestible in humans. But guess what else has cellulose? A ton of vegetables. Cellulose is basically code for fiber and we need it to clean out our colons. Whatever you don’t digest from this green will eventually *pass* through your system, but we don’t recommend chowing down on fresh-cut shoots. The best and only way for humans to reap all the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass is through juicing. 

Myth #2: It tastes bad.

Although technically a matter of opinion, your grass should taste fresh and slightly sweet if harvested properly. Wheatgrass turns bitter and more ‘grassy’ the longer it grows, so be sure to cut it as soon as the root splits, or about 5-8” tall.

Myth #3: It’s a fancy, expensive trend. 

Like all kitchen gardening, growing your own nourishment is wallet-friendly and highly sustainable. While wheatgrass shots may be a fixture in expensive juice shops, it is by no means hard to grow. With proper care, clean water, and tiered sprouting trays, it’s a cinch. 

Myth #4: Wheatgrass juice contains gluten.

While wheatgrass juice is technically made from the wheat plant, at this stage all the gluten is locked within the wheat kernel itself (the seed). There is no gluten present in the green blades, particularly within the 10 day lifespan when wheatgrass is harvested. As long as you trim an inch or so above the seed and are growing at home where potential contamination is not an issue, the juice is generally considered safe for celiacs.  

Your Daily Wheatgrass Shot (in a Capsule)   

We know not everyone is destined to grow and juice their own wheatgrass at home, and that’s ok! There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of this greenest of greens, be it as a juice, powder, or pill. Juicing your own grass is very fun, but not always convenient—so our Wheatgrass Juice Capsules are a handy option.    

These capsules are shelf-stable, raw, bioactive, and incredible for an on-the-go lifestyle. Throw a bottle of pills in your bag and pop 3 for the equivalent of your daily shot—wherever you are.      
These capsules make it easy for everyone to reap the benefits of this incredible plant—every single day. We carefully freeze-dry fresh, organic wheatgrass juice and pack all of its goodness into convenient capsules so there’s no fuss or mess. This outdoor-grown wheatgrass is therapeutically slow-juiced and dehydrated using proprietary technology to minimize oxidation and to preserve the raw nutrition and enzymes we love so dearly. It’s the easiest way to get your daily shot of sunshine energy!