DEAR SPROUTMAN: Good eve! I have been Googling, binging, and swearing all afternoon trying to find nutritional information about sprouted quinoa! Do you have any information, or a place you could direct me? I would be truly appreciative! (So would everyone here at Barnes and Noble) Smiles! – Tiffany

DEAR TIFFANY: There are a few reasons why you cannot find nutritional info about Quinoa sprouts.

1)   The Quinoa available in health food stores is not sprouting grade. Qunioa comes with a bitter sheath that is removed prior to its arrival to the public. This small amount of processing reduces the germination of quinoa to a point where sprouting it for more than one day will develop fermentation and eventually decay.

2)   Although I have come across 3 small companies that market a “sprouted quinoa,” they all grow it for only one day. To my knowledge, none of them has invested in testing the nutrition in their product.

One day of sprouting is not real germination. Sprouting occurs when a shoot develops. In the case of Quinoa, this takes 4 days. I have successfully sprouted quinoa to the grass stage, but I used the un-polished seed. However, that version of the seed is only available in 1,000 kilo size orders.