Dear Sproutman,  I am using your high quality wheatgrass seeds, why am I getting mold?  Please see my picture below.

Dear Cynthia,  I can see from the photo that the Las Vegas growing unit is not providing sufficient air for the roots. Too much moisture is being trapped there. With moisture and insufficient air circulation, you do get mold even with the best sprout seed. Those wheatgrass seeds had a very low spore count. But under the right conditions and with enough time, their spores will breed. Honestly, I wish you were using my Wheatgrass Grower because I specifically designed it for growing hydroponic wheatgrass and it took some revisions to get it just right. And the feedback from now thousands of units sold is proof of a good design. The seed is only one factor in gardening.

I will be in Las Vegas speaking at the International Sprout Growers Association on Oct 18-20. If I can grab a few minutes (in theory??), and if you can provide transportation, I would be happy to look closely at your unit and recommend how you could modify it to be more adaptable for hydroponic wheatgrass. Do you have my sprout bags? Because that is the definitive test. If the spore count is high, mold will show in the bag on the fourth day. Test 8 tablespoons of seeds in the sprout bag. It is always possible if the seeds were improperly stored that the spore count increased during storage. That would be the case if they were temporarily exposed to moisture at some point during their storage. That’s a possibility. In either case, the sprout bag test will tell us if the seeds have gotten moldy. If the sprout bag growth is mold-free, then I’m sticking with my first take on the insufficient air for the roots during the early growth period of is the problem.

I would also like to recommend taking my online class How to Grow and Take Wheatgress.  I have classes scheduled for September, October, November and December.  For more on the online class click here.