Our Just Fasting Detox Group has Begun!

Jane McDonald asks about colon cleansers. There are several options. Which ones should you do? Which ones can you skip?

The DAILY LIST (required elements of the fast) has the flaxseed colon cleanser on it because it is essential to keep moving old food out of the intestines and that’s not easy when there is no new food coming in to push the old food out! Flaxseed is a meal that needs to be mixed with a good tasting liquid. My favorite juices to mix with the flaxseed are prune juice or coconut juice. And
yes, the milk of magnesia before bedtime also helps keep the intestines moving. It’s a natural laxative. If you are uneasy about taking the milk of magnesia (which actually is magnesium hydroxide), you can take that product in capsule form. Just ask for help at your vitamin store. I recommend Milk of Magnesia because it is a one ingredient product (as long as you don’t get it mixed with flavors and sugars) and it’s available in every drug store and it’s cheap. Jane asks if MM replaces the need for one quart of water first thing in the morning. This flush is not a required only recommended.

Under the optional list, detox tea or any tea is excellent to have whenever it pleases you. As for the Liver Cleanse drink, it is also an option. But of course, it’s a good thing to do if you can manage it. But it is not under the “Daily required” list. I do recommend Probiotics on a daily basis and I gave suggestions for brands for the liquid or powdered forms. Again you can ask for help in your
health food or vitamin store. It’s best to avoid capsules while on a fast if all all possible.