Sproutman With G4U Blender Dear Steve: What do you think of this recipe I found in Kris Karr’s book.

Dear Ani:I think Kris Karr is a fabulous writer and promoter. But my focus is on function first. Taste is important but not at the sacrifice of function. I’ll list my comments next the ingredients in the recipe.

Green Guru Smoothie (Serves 2)

  • 1 avocado  [that’s a lot of fat. Not unacceptable, but it definitely slows down the detoxification]
  • 5-8 romaine leaves  [the least nutritious of all greens. Its advantage however, is a neutral flavor.]
  • 1 cucumber  [good for neutralizing the stronger flavor and thinning the drink.]
  • 2 ounces E3Live  [Wonderful product, great for protein, but bad for detoxing]
  • 1 cup coconut water or purified water  [good in general but we need to work at reducing the sweets. Either choose to make a sweet drink that is fruit based, or choose to make a salad drink that is either spicy or salty or sour or tart. I encourage you to keep things in the same flavor group and in the same plant group. This simplification is easier on your body and optimizes digestion and detoxification.]
  • 1 banana or 1-2 pears  [Put this in your fruit smoothies. I don’t recommend sugar and fat in the same recipe!]
  • Stevia to taste or 1 teaspoon agave  [Agave is a sugar in the same way maple syrup is a sugar. As for stevia, I’m a big fan and user of it, but not in a vegetable drink. Even though it is not related to sucrose type of sugar, it still keeps alive the desire for sugar. I prefer to reduce the desire for sugar. Sugars Sugar causes lots of health problems in our society and for our purposes here it slows detoxification. Yes, I’ve included a fruit smoothie in this program, but try to keep the sweets limited to that.]

In general, choose a FRUIT drink or a VEGETABLE drink but try not to mix the two food groups at the same time. The blender may camouflage the contents but you still must digest them. Think about it as a solid food: Would you put bananas in your salad? Recommended reading: Food Combining and Digestion.

This is the last in the series of Smoothie Q&A posts. For more information, check out these books written by Sproutman himself.