Many folks are concerned that the automatic sprouter waters too much. The ON TIME is usually about 10 minutes and the off time only 5 minutes. But it is NOT on a timer. The motor shuts off when it gets too hot. So the on and off times will vary and can be influenced by the temperature of your water and your kitchen. The machine was modeled after the commercial sprouting machines which water every two minutes for 60 seconds. The effect is to increase the sprouts rate of growth. Too much water would be a worry if the water accumulated and if there was insufficient air circulation. But these machines are designed with excellent drainage and aeration. There is never any risk of mold or mildew and most varieties mature about one day faster than with hand watering.

Nevertheless, if you are NOT COMFORTABLE with the frequency of the watering, just plug it in for an hour say around breakfast time and then another hour at around dinnertime. Or whenever you’re in your kitchen, just turn it off and then on again when you think of it. As long as there are two watering periods each day, you’re good. Just know that if you leave it plugged in all day, your sprouts will be fine and in fact will grow a little faster. For those of you who don’t like the idea of automatic watering at all, check out our “Hand Watering Freshlife Sprouter.”