How to Choose Between Juicers?

The Differences between a Single Gear Juicer (SoloStar) vs. a Twin Gear Juicer (GreenStar)

Both of these are high-end juicers and no one should be disappointed with either of these machines, no matter what the situation. Which one you ultimately choose will be determined by your personal preferences regarding the factors below. Please review them and form your own decision.

Price: SoloStar is approximately $200 less than the price of the GreenStar juicer.

Assembly/Cleanup: SoloStar is easier and faster in assembly and disassembly than the GreenStar but only by a few minutes.

Wheatgrass: The GreenStar juices wheatgrass faster than the SoloStar and produces a little less foam.

Vegetables and Fruits: Both machines do virtually the same good job with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition: It is generally believed that the GreenStar has a slight nutritional advantage over the SoloStar.

Speed: Both machines operate at the same slow, friction and oxidation-free 80 revolutions per minute.

Materials: The GreenStar has two stainless-steel gears while the SoloStar has one melamine gear or auger. The GreenStar also contains magnets and ceramics within its blades that are designed to influence the juice at the molecular level and extends its longevity.

Size: The GreenStar weighs 28 lbs. The SoloStar weighs 22 lbs.