Is your Freshlife motor not turning? making noise? The motor can get clogged by calcification from hard water or by residue matter from the seeds. If this is the case, you can clear the motor easily yourself. Here is the procedure.

Pour 2 quarts of hot water into the water barrel. Use only the water barrel. No other blue tubes, no lids or any other parts–just the open topped water barrel, only. The temperature of the water is important to the success of this cleaning. The hot water temperature should be approximately 150 degrees. Do not pour in boiling water (210 degrees) because it may harm the plastic. If you do not have a thermometer, then make the water approximately the temperature of a hot cup of coffee or tea—just a little too hot to drink. The hot water dislodges the sediment that clogs the motor.

Pour in the hot water, then immediately plug in the unit and run it for approximately 3 minutes.

If this technique is successful, you will see the water clouding up with released sediment and an increase in the whirlpool of water coming out of the motor. When you see cloudy water, stop and refill the barrel with fresh hot water and repeat the process. Repeat until the water appears clear for full 3 minutes and the motor creates a vigorous whirlpool. That is how you know that you have successfully cleared the obstruction.