Unfortunately, “organically grown” only defines a method of agriculture. It does not guarantee good sprouts. For that, you need to test your seed. There is no shortcut around this. The best sprouting seeds out there can be bought by companies who are in the sprouting business. They (hopefully) are using the seed they sell. That is usually insurance that you are buying good seed. To test seed yourself…..

1) Sprout the seed in a sprout bag for 3 days.

2) After 3 days, spread the seeds out on a towel and look at how many have sprouted.

3) If virtually all seeds have visible shoots and roots, then the seed is good. If many seeds do not, then this is a bad crop of seed that will generate mold upon sprouting.

It is also possible that this was once a good crop of seeds that was improperly stored or is just too old.