Dear Sproutman, I am interested in this juice fast but I live in CT and Winter has set in. I find drinking green smoothies makes me cold. I love them in the summer, but this time of year most of the fresh juices and smoothies I make make me cold. Do you happen to have any advice? Thank you. –Renie M.

Dear Renie,

You are correct, many of us get cold. I even use a heating pad to keep me warm. I wear a cap and light gloves whenever necessary and drink hot broths and teas. We also take hot Epsom salt baths. All in all, it works out without too much inconvenience and the overall tradeoff is very beneficial. The fast is actually 7 days because we meet before the starting date so we are in communication for 10 days. There is a vegan pre-fasting diet for a day before we start. -Steve Meyerowitz