Juicing is the best thing I do for my health. I know, you’re thinking…what about sprouts? I juice them too! I can guarantee you this: the more fresh squeezed juice you drink and the more sprout salads you consume, the longer you will live. And, you will definitely have stronger immunity and more vitality. So in my kitchen the most important appliances are my juicers and my sprouters. Sure, I have more than one of each in part because this is my profession, but also because these are the tools that provide my food and my medicine!

The SlowStar Juicer is extremely popular because of its handsome looks and small footprint on the kitchen counter. I talk about speed ruining precious nutrients (below). Well at 47 revolutions per minute, this is the slowest electric juicer in the world!
This is the speed of hand cranking! But the SlowStar is also amazingly versatile.

It has a mincing attachment that makes sorbets, nut butters, paté’s, and sauces. It’s really two machines in one. And it does an excellent job juicing everything from pineapple juice to wheatgrass. Its 10 year warranty insures that you’re going to have this workhorse in your kitchen for a very long time. Click on the image for more info.

I recommend you choose your juicer carefully, because unless you’re buying one from Walmart, it is likely to be a lifelong purchase. In fact, even the warranties on some of the machines described here are as long as 12 years!

But there are other considerations: Budget, Space, Ease of use, Assembly, and Cleaning. But your #1 concern should be: Will it successfully extract and protect the precious phytochemicals that were deep inside these fruits and vegetables?

That’s the difference between my juicers and the mass market models that spin at 8000 RPMs. Sure, the juice from those machines will taste good because sugar successfully survives high-speed extraction. But not the phytochemicals!

You cannot break open fragile cell walls exposing deep seated nutrients and then slam them with high-speed friction and oxidation. What’s the point of juicing, if the vital medicinals inside these precious plants never survive the extraction process! This is my food and this is my medicine. If it never makes it into my bloodstream, then what’s the point?

The GreenStar Elite is my number one choice—my favorite juicer of them all. I used to say that about the Greenstar 1000. But then they made this new and improved version—The Elite. Like the earlier model, this machine is rock solid and juices everything super well at a diligently slow 80 RPMs. It’s got slightly longer stainless steel twin gears then the model 1000. And it is easier to assemble and disassemble. I can do each process in only 10 seconds (watch the assembly video by clicking the photo image above.)

The Solostar III (now SoloStar 4) is an affordable single gear, 80RPM slow juicer that is the best in its category. You can do anything with this machine: You can make nut butter, sherbets, mince vegetables, and juice all fruits and vegetables including wheatgrass. It does an all around excellent job on everything. Its screen and Ultem medical grade auger are the longest in its class. This means your juice spends more time getting squeezed. As you see in the picture, it actually has a double screen design allowing for multiple avenues of extraction. Plus, you can take it on the road! Included is a hand crank and clamp so that you can juice with no electricity needed! For this price, you cannot find a better juicer then the Solostar III.

Everyone should have a citrus juicer because they’re fast and easy to work, and the citrus family provides some of the best detoxification ingredients we have for the liver-gallbladder and urinary tract. I love my Citrus Star juicer because it stops and starts automatically, has a stainless steel screen, and a stainless steel spout that easily flips up to stop dripping on your counter.

The GreenStar 1000 is arguably the best bargain of all these machines. Because it is the predecessor of The Elite, it now bears an irresistible bargain price. What makes both of these models unique is their stainless steel twin gears with magnets embedded deep inside. The magnets sit in a ceramic base that includes tourmaline whose piezoelectric properties ionize the juice and in concert with the magnets align its molecules as in a crystal as it flows along. This means you’ve got a more stable end product. If you chill this juice to temps just above freezing, it will survive in perfect condition for several days. Because of this high level, sophisticated extraction, you no longer need to drink this juice immediately.