Stop Blending Harmful Air: the less involved, the better!

Look… in almost every instance, the more fresh air you can get, the healthier you’ll be. But not all the time. There’s actually a time when air can be harmful! And that’s blending.

Here’s the scoop.


When you blend using a traditional blender, you’re literally pulverizing your food; transforming a solid into a liquid. And this is good! This is what we’re trying to achieve through blending after all.

But, you’re also oxygenating your food! This is not good. It means nutrient and flavor loss.

Dynapro Vacuum Blender by Tribest (l.) 2.5hp, includes a stir-spoon. 15 year home warranty. BPA-free container.

What’s the problem?apples-comparison4_web-new.jpg

Think about it this way––when you slice an apple, within just a few minutes that

previously bright white flesh will transform to brown. This is the process of oxidation at work. We commonly observe this with avocados and bananas, too. As soon as that protective skin is removed, the harmful oxygen gets to work eating away at the nutrients. A similar process happens while you blend.

The solution? Vacuum blending.


By blending under vacuum, you’re removing all excess oxygen from the blending carafe. This means no extra air to mix in your blend, yielding a smoother, fluffier, more consistently-textured blend.
Smoother texture. Minimal separation.


Sprout Brother Noah Meyerowitz demonstrates the Dynapro by blending a cantaloupe smoothie. One prepared normally, and one under vacuum. See the difference live! 

Increased longevity. Better flavor.Better_Flavor_Dynapro.jpeg

After just 42 minutes, look at transformation the normally blended tomato has undergone.
Blending under vacuum means increased storability, and more time until nutrient degradation begins.
Also, note the texture difference; vacuum blending makes for better emulsification yielding fabulous culinary results.

Thermochromatic Temperature Indicator Dynapro.jpegKeep your recipes rawsome!

Thermochromic ink indicator changes from blue to white when your blend surpasses 118˚F, making sure you never exceed raw temperature while blending.

So, you’re sold? We thought you might be. This is a lifetime purchase, and one you won’t regret. The Dyanpro comes with a 15 year home-use warranty (3 year commercial), and outstanding support anytime you need it.

  • 2.5hp motor (30,000rpm)
  • 64oz BPA-free blender container
  • Automatic & timed blending modes
  • Variable speed control
  • Mixing spoon.

Stop oxidizing your anti-oxidants, and get your Dynapro today!