Has August been a busy month for you, or is it just me? My past few weeks have been loaded with weddings, birthdays, welcome homes, family (veggie) BBQs—I’m utterly exhausted! There is only so much partying (and carrot cake) a sprout brother can take!

In fact, I began feeling a bit malnourished. Sure, I was still drinking a nourishing juice every day—and I was popping my wheatgrass juice capsules like a fiend—but I could feel a very real deficit of fresh, nutrient-dense veggies in my diet. My step just wasn’t quite as springy. I didn’t feel quite as quick or energized. All those end-of-summer parties really took their toll…

But luckily, September is just around the corner, which means it’s time for my annual sproutstravaganza! (You could call it a cleanse… but I prefer a more adventurous take on clean eating).

The September #Sproutstravaganza is super easy— join in with me! All you have to do is eat sprouts at every meal for 7 days. That’s it. The goal is to simply eat more raw, living plant foods with every meal, but don’t feel like you can’t indulge. If you really want to eat dumplings, eat them with a heaping sprout salad. Want to bake banana bread? Mix in some sprouted nuts, seeds, or buckwheat.

During the #Sproutstravaganza, simply post to social media, use the hashtag, and tag @SproutBrothers. We’ll randomly select one person at the end of the week for one bag of seed––you pick the variety.


Get cookin’!
Here are some ideas for incorporating sprouts into your favorite foods…

This week of clean, plant-centric eating is all about enhancing our diets and improving how we feel by adding in more nutrient-dense, energetic veggies. It should not be a restrictive diet or feel like a form of punishment. It’s just veggie-training. Retraining our cravings and infusing our bodies with nourishment by eating more sprouts!

Let’s work together and make September an easy return to balanced health by amping up our sprout intake. So get out those Sprout Bags, order some fresh seeds, and turn your kitchen into an edible garden oasis!

Sprout on!