Sprout Brothers HQ is pretty fun place. It’s filled with every sprout imaginable, lots of green juices, and lots of mid-day nature time. But the best part of our headquarters is definitely Charlie, the Sprout Dog!

Charlie is our resident labradoodle, and he has an insatiable appetite for sprouts. He’s been eating sprouts since he was a puppy, so he is pretty much a wellness expert. So, this week, we’re going to share some of his favorite wellness tips.  Here’s a little about Charlie, along with the wellness pillars he lives his life by…

Name: Charlie/Charles… depending on his mood

Favorite sprout: sprouted mung beans! So fresh, juicy, and filling! (Here is a direct quote: nom nom nom!)

Favorite activity: hiking, swimming, and mountain biking with his adventure people. Working towards becoming a canine triathlete. Playing hardcore ball.
Favorite treat: loves eating broccoli stalks like a bone—calls them ‘broccoli bones’!

Secret talent: Singing (howling) along with all sorts of music, from Yo-Yo Ma and John Coltrane to Beyonce.

Secret to wellness: loves licking cubes of frozen wheatgrass juice—it’s the secret to his lustrous coat and impressive ball-catching abilities. Also meditates often.

Least favorite thing: Burs. They stick to him like velcro. Also deep snow, which turns him into a very cold snowball referred to as the Abominable Snow Dog.