I love fast food.

No, not that kind of fast “food.” I’m talking about salads. A simple, fresh salad is my ultimate happy meal! 

At Sproutman HQ, we’ve been really loading up on salads this summer. My friend, Ted, hooks me up with ten pound bags of vibrant, organic salad greens (loaded with lots of zingy mustard greens) every week, fresh from his local fields at Equinox Farm.      

Ten pounds may sound like a lot of salad, but we go through it fast! Every day, we’ve been enjoying (and refilling) massive bowls with a simple creamy lemon tahini dressing. It has been green heaven.        

But, alas, autumn is here. The days of uber fresh salad greens are behind us—or are they?

No way! I’m planning on keeping my salad habit up throughout the fall, and beyond—with our Organic Salad Mix sprouts!  

We make an incredible salad mix that blends some of our richest, most nutritious, most flavorful seeds: 

  • Crimson clover  
  • Alfalfa  
  • Radish
  • Broccoli Raab

Check out the ultimate salad mix here!  

Our carefully balanced blend is mild enough for a salad, but has a nice hint of radish spiciness to keep your taste buds excited. I could eat this ALL day (and sometimes I really do!).

The point is, garden fresh salads don’t have to be seasonal. You can keep harvesting organic salads from your kitchen garden! Just add a little Salad Mix to your Sprout Bag and harvest a few days later. It’s a real fast food meal—it comes in a bag and everything! (You could even hide prizes inside if you want. Maybe sprout action figures?)            

Don’t bemoan the loss of summer. Grab a Sprout Bag, order a fresh pack of Salad Mix sprouting seeds, and keep the fresh greens rolling!   

Be Sproutful!
Ari & Noah Meyerowitz, Sprout Brothers.