How Has Wheatgrass Changed Your Life?


You probably know by now that we’re pretty big fans of wheatgrass juice. It’s a powerful food for skin healing, with its concentrated source of oxygenating chlorophyll—pure,

vibrant plant energy. The wonderful Ann Wigmore famously used wheatgrass juice extensively and successfully for the treatment of acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions.

But what about the real life effects of taking wheatgrass juice regularly?

One of our customers suffered with serious hormonal acne for years before discovering wheatgrass juice––specifically our Wheatgrass Juice Capsules. She recently sent us her incredible story, and encouraged us to share it with you.


I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) when I was 19. One major symptom was painful, cystic acne all over my forehead, chin, and along my cheek bones.

As I began to manage and eradicate my PCOS symptoms through diet and lifestyle shifts, nothing seemed to affect my stubborn acne.

I tried everything—natural face oils, bleaching chemical cleansers, facials, overpriced clay masks, raw honey masks, cutting dairy and gluten out of my diet—everything. But nothing truly worked.

It went on like this for almost 10 years, and it was physically and emotionally painful. My confidence was shattered. My face hurt when I laughed or smiled. All I could do was paint my face in thick, cakey coverup, toss my hair in front of my eyes, and hope that one day it would go away. But I had lost hope and felt hideous.

I discovered Sproutman when I was searching for information on sprouting and started buying their seeds and Sprout Bags. When the Wheatgrass Juice Capsules first came out, I figured ‘what the heck, I’ll try them’. I had been really curious about the effects of wheatgrass juice, but I didn’t have a juicer, so the capsules seemed like the perfect way to dip in.
I took four capsules every day religiously. After one month, 80 percent of my skin inflammation had subsided. After 3 months, I experienced fully clear skin for the first time in almost a decade. My skin was actually GLOWING!

Of course, I still avoid dairy and gluten. I still use products to nourish and cleanse my skin. But the wheatgrass, which I continue to take, somehow gave my skin the nourishment it needed to clarify and balance itself out.

Now, I can confidently walk out of the house WITHOUT makeup, which I haven’t felt comfortable doing since high school.

Thank you so so much, Sprout Brothers! Your Wheatgrass Juice Capsules have changed my life!

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unnamed.pngAn exceptional wheatgrass product from a family who has made this their life’s work. One can feel the difference usually with a clean energy lift after taking it. Not like other products at all. A powerful healing, detoxifying food. I highly recommend it.

– Dr. Alan Inglis, MD








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Frozen Wheatgrass Juice


“Many terminally ill people who have never had access to fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice used this frozen juice to treat their disease with remarkable results. This was the only juice they used for their healing.” –Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman

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