DEAR SPROUTMAN: What are the benefits of eating chlorella?

DEAR SUE: Chlorella is a Superfood with an ancient past. She is a single-celled, round green algae that has been around for 2.5 billion years. In terms of nutrition, chlorella is 50 – 60% protein (soy is 39%, wheat is 10%, and rice is 7%). Chlorella contains all the amino acids – both essential and nonessential – in excellent balance, making it comparable with any animal protein. It is also especially high in vitamin A (in the form beta-carotene), iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Just like this

Chlorella has 5 times more chlorophyll and more vitamin A than spirulina. (Spirulina, on the other hand, is 60 – 70% protein and has more vitamin B12). Although wheat grass and barley grass are 50% protein and contain the highest amount of chlorophyll of all land-grown plants, they only have about one-fifth the chlorophyll of chlorella, which is grown in fresh water.