Many who don’t know much about sprouts put them in the same category as parsley, a garnish that you put on your food but not much of a food in itself. That’s not my view. Anyone who takes the time to discover sprouts will learn that they are simply baby plants and some of those plants are widely used in cuisines around the world.

If I were to mention, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion, chives, radish, buckwheat, lentils, peas, mustard, rye, you would likely acknowledge that you consume these foods. And if I were to mention alfalfa, farmers the world over would tell how important it is to them, their land, and their animals. All of these foods are essential of our food chain.

It just so happens, that these are all fast growing plants and if you were to examine them after only a week’s time, you would already notice their green leaves starting. Even at this early stage, these plants provide the full flavor of the fully grown adult vegetables. In the case of alfalfa, the adult plant’s leaves are just a little bit too chewy to be considered delectable by people, but its baby leaves are perfectly scrumptious.

These baby plants offer something else that just amazing flavor. Flavor does not exist in a vacuum. Flavor represents the presence of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, carotenes, phyto-hormones, and an amazing array of important compounds. So when you taste the richness of flavor in these young plants, you are reminded of the concentration of nutrient contained within them. In fact, the baby plants contain a higher concentration of nutrients per gram than the adult plants. Gram for gram, you get more vitamins from your one week old broccoli sprouts, than you do from the adult broccoli, no matter how beautiful it looks and regardless of whether it was organically grown. Researchers at John’s Hopkins University in the U.S. found that 5 day old broccoli sprouts contain 10-100 more important anti-cancer enzymes, called glucosinolates, than the adult broccoli.

Since the young plants grow so quickly and easily, I found myself, a city boy, becoming an indoor farmer. Why not, it’s easy, it’s healthy, and there is no better food in the world than fresh, organic greens harvested minutes before eating. You don’t need a scientist to tell you that.

  • Fresh Living Salad. Low fats, Low calories. High in Energy.
  • Contains 4 times the protein of lettuce! 2 times the protein of Spinach. 39 times more Beta-Carotene!
  • Get a 100% Organic Salad 52 weeks a year for only pennies per pound!
  • Instead of 1 head of lettuce, you get 1,000s of micro-lettuce leaves.
  • Great spicy flavors like radish and garlic chives or Mild ones like Buckwheat lettuce & Alfalfa
  • Only 1 minute of watering per day. Needs only normal room light & temperature.
  • No Soil. No Green Thumb. Only 1 minute per day!

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