DEAR SPROUTMAN: I am using Sproutman racks and seed to grow a few trays of wheatgrass and all is going well. I am wondering how tall hydroponically grown wheatgrass can get? I am on day 10 (including soaking time) and my wheatgrass is a little over 7 inches tall. It seemed like it was growing faster and has slowed down some. Was hoping it would get higher for more juicing yield. Also, is wheatgrass able to grow taller in a soil base verses grown hydroponically? Thanks for all your help. – Patricia

DEAR PATRICIA: Wheatgrass height can vary from 7 to 11 inches and you want it to be as tall as possible to maximize the amount of juice you can get out of each crop. Several factors determine height of blades:

  1. The seed: you need sprouting grade seeds like Sproutman’s Organic Sprouting Seeds
  2. The temperature: wheatgrass likes it between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. The amount of water: depends on other variables. Example: you may need more water for more densely packed seeds
  4. The amount of air around the roots, whether grown with soil or without: this depends on other variables such as the density of the seeds when planted
  5. Density of seeds when planted: you want the seeds to be completely covering the tray, but not on top of each other

Wheatgrass grown in soil is subject to the same growth factors. However, in practice soil-grown grass is a little bit taller. Good luck and Happy Sprouting!