DEAR SPROUTMAN: I am new to this.  I am concerned about e-coli even with the testing.  Do you ever use food grade h202 on the sprouts? If so will it kill e-coli?  How much, what strength and how do I do it?  I also saw you mentioned grape seed extract in your auto sprout machine.  Will this kill e-coli? – Regen

DEAR REGEN: Grapefruit seed extract (GFSE) and food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are both known for their germ killing potential. That being said, there is limited research on how effective they are against e-coli and salmonella in sprouts. Research shows that both GFSE and H2O2 can reduce levels of these pathogens, but it is uncertain if that is good enough. There is some good news, since these pathogens come from the farm, the testing of the seed has done an excellent job of eliminating the pathogens before the seeds even leave the warehouse. The other good news, is that there has never been an e-coli or salmonella outbreak for people sprouting at home. For more information about e-coli and salmonella take a look at my FAQs or you can download this free article.