DEAR SPROUTMAN: Is it true that too buckwheat sprouts causes a skin disease? – Rena

DEAR RENA: It is true that buckwheat sprouts contain Fagopyrin which when exposed to sunlight creates an allergic reaction. But from everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked to, I truly believe that the amount of Fagopyrin that can be consumed by eating buckwheat greens in a salad, even daily salads, is insignificant to human nutrition.

The problem with Fagopyrin came from the intensive daily juicing and blending of buckwheat that is part of the program promoted by Hippocrates and Ann Wigmore. You are NOT likely to experience skin symptoms UNLESS you juice buckwheat greens on a daily basis and for a minimum of a couple of weeks, and are exposed to lots of sunlight. Even then, consider that NOT everyone reacts even at the daily juice dosage. Further, for those who do react, the symptoms are completely and quickly reversible. There no long term ill effects.

My bottom line: Enjoy your salad of buckwheat greens and eat as much as you want.