Yesterday Ken Cook from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), testified in a U.S. Senate hearing, that babies are coming into this world pre-polluted with toxic chemicals.

When EWG tested the umbilical cord blood of 10 Americans, they found nearly 300 chemicals, including BPA, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury, and PCBs.

The best way to stop this pre-pollution is to enact the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act, which would require that chemicals be proven safe for children before they can be sold.

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The chemicals are in us. The risk of disease and illness is serious.

The chemicals we found are increasingly linked to serious long-term health effects, from childhood cancer and autism to ADHD, learning deficits, infertility, and heart disease. We need a system for assessing chemicals so our children get the healthy start they deserve. The longer Congress waits, the more babies are exposed.

Sign EWG Action Fund’s petition to Congress and join 1000’s of other Americans who are telling Congress it’s time for a real federal toxics law that will make chemicals in consumer products safe for kids.

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Thank you for speaking up for a new national chemical policy that places human health front and center — right where it should be.