DEAR SPROUTMAN: I have just found out about the Hippocrates Health Institute, and read about wheatgrass juice. I found some living wheatgrass at our Fresh Market store & bought it. I am interested in learning more, and in growing my own sprouts. My question is: can I juice this grass in my Vita-Mix? Advice appreciated. thanks so much – Jo

DEAR JO: No, definitely do NOT “juice” wheatgrass in a Vita-Mix or any other kind of blender. Blenders are NOT juicers. Blenders puree things like fruits. Juicers extract and separate the water content of a fruit or vegetable from the pulp. Not only will a Vita Mix not extract the “juice” from wheatgrass it will oxidize the wheatgrass thus destroying vital nutrients and enzymes because of its 10,000 RPM and higher blade speed. A good wheatgrass juicer like the Green Star or Solo Star turns at 80 RPMs this is equivalent to the speed of hand cranking, no oxidation. Wheatgrass is an amazing source of medicinal phyto-chemicals. Extracting them in a manner that preserves their bioactivity is the key to your benefiting from the medicinal properties of this plant.