DEAR SPROUTMAN: Was reading your article on the nutrition in sprouts and was amazed at the massive increase in nutrition over the un-sprouted grain / seed. I was wondering – where do the nutrients come from? How are they produced in the seed / grain? – if they are not there in the un-sprouted grain / seed in the first place – where does the increase come from? – Robert

DEAR ROBERT: Good Day Robert and Greetings from the Northern (and still chilly) Hemisphere. The short answer to your question— it is simply the miracle of germination.

Once the seed is moistened, its genetic programming commences. Its mission is to be a full grown plant, vegetable, or grass (from grain). A great deal of activity takes place starting from the inventory of nutrients stored inside the seed. Water activates enzymes which facilitate chemical reactions. Vitamins are formed from the stores of minerals and trace minerals. They in turn promote the production of plant proteins which literally grow plant tissue. Around the time of the plants’ first leaf formation, (the cotyledon stage), it is at such a state of rapid growth that many nutrients peak and never achieve higher counts again. That is just one of the appealing features of this kind of gardening.

Be Sproutful!