DEAR SPROUTMAN: What is causing my wheatgrass to be moldy? I am following the directions for the Wheatgrass Grower, but my grass is still moldy. Help! Thanks in advance! – Beverly

DEAR BEVERLY: The majority of problems for mold on wheatgrass, starts with the seed. It can be seed that was never tested for wheatgrass growing or was not properly stored, or is just too old. Being organic is definitely not good enough. And buying wheat in health food stores works only about 4 out of every 10 times, even if it has decent germination. Health food store wheat is mainly intended for bread making. Remember, sprouting is seed intensive gardening and most of the seeds sold in bulk bins in health food stores just is not good enough.

But the quality of the wheatgrass seed is just one factor. I maintain that there are multiple causes for mold on wheatgrass and there is not one simple fix that can be related in an email.

My best advice is spelled out thoroughly in the growing chapter of my book Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine. There are several pages there with detailed steps which you should follow as carefully as you can. Our attention to those details makes a difference which shows in our results. And also be sure to read the interviews with this country’s most successful wheatgrass professionals to get their advice on how they eliminate mold.

Good luck, and Be Sproutful!