DEAR SPROUTMAN: I just finished your article “What Does Sproutman Eat?” and it left me wondering which  food items do you always stock up on at the supermarket? It seems like you wouldn’t be able to find a lot of what you eat at just any supermarket, so I’m wondering where it is you buy food? Have a nice day! – Devin

DEAR DEVIN: What do I buy at the supermarket? There I buy toilet paper, food storage bags, biodegradable trash bags, and that’s about all. I don’t even buy my dog food there! For real food, I shop in the health food store or at fresh produce markets. But if you wish to know what are the five staple foods in my diet, that I always keep in stock, they are as follows: I’m big on sesame seeds or raw tahini, sea weeds such as dulse, nori, wakame, hijiki, organic brown rice in many different varieties and flavors. I enjoy olives, olive oil, avocados, guacamole, and cilantro. The other cornerstone of my diet is liquid. It’s green juice. I make it fresh, ideally, but sometimes I take it dried. My favorite dried juice is Swheatgrass. It’s freeze-dried – the best method – and super-concentrated, so it has many nutritional advantages over fresh. And, of course, I always have ample stock of sprouting seeds. These seeds generate much of my salad foods and some of the grain and bean portions of my diet.