DEAR SPROUTMAN: I am new to the raw/vegan community and am having trouble letting go of some of my old favorites. Ice cream has been one of the hardest, especially with all this warm weather we’ve been having. I would love to find some alternatives and I am wondering if  you have some food vices you could share? Thank you! – Alice

DEAR ALICE: I would say I am probably average in my enjoyment of ice-cream. Except that mine is non-dairy and non-sugar. I make my own ice-cream out of cashew milk. You can find this fun recipe in my Kitchen Garden Cookbook. But tonight, I enjoyed a commercial brand of ice cream made from coconut milk. It’s called Coconut Bliss and it is pretty much a one ingredient product. It’s satisfying, rewarding, and sin-free. And yes, I’m guilty of overindulgence!