Sproutman is (finally!) back from the UK, but only long enough to repack for California on Friday! After an extra week in Europe due to the Icelandic volcanic eruption Sproutman is BACK in the US! He had a wonderful trip abroad where he met many of his UK fans as well as did some traveling! He is only home in New England for three short days before jetting across the country to attend the New Living Expo in San Francisco, CA! Here is a brief look at what we in the US missed out on while Sproutman was in the UK and Europe!

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your heroic attempts to get to Dublin, and for your talks at all our colleges which were very well received by all.  We’ve had good feedback from all of them!

Penny Thomson
PR & Marketing Manager
The College of Naturopathic Medicine

Dear Steve,

I am delighted to hear you actually made it back to the US, I did have concerns that you would be stranded on the Island of Saints and Scholars! Thank you for making the effort to come here when all forces conspired against you. We look forward to a return visit and with you the best!

Avril Ivory
Msc, DipNat, Dean, CNM Ireland
The College of Naturopathic Medicine

Dear Steve,

Shaf just emailed me and said that you were fantastic and that the talk was much enjoyed by all. Shaf said you had a very good turnout for Birmingham. In fact, it’s the most they’ve ever had. Well done!

Sproutman gave lectures in London, Birmingham, Manchester (photo) and Dublin. Talk about a packed schedule!

Just a quick note to say that Saturdays event was b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t! Not only was it a great place to bump into old friends, but the food available to eat from Rainforest Creations, and shopping were just right too. However all of this pales into comparison with Steve Meyerowitz – as one person pointed out to me, Steve just didn’t lead with his ego, which is where I feel many people in this arena are too focused. Plus, he’s very practical, and also encourages audeince questions and gives great responses.

A great value event – well done.

David Cohen


This is a brief excerpt from an email received at Sproutman HQ in Great Barrington, MA, US received on April 19th, the day Steve was supposed to return:

“Current challenge…Monday morning, British Airways Heathrow to Boston. Cancelled, of course. Expected. Must find a way to get back. California tour coming up next week. Current strategy ferry to France. EuroRail to Madrid. Madrid to New York. Hopefully. New York to Boston. Something like that. We’ll see.”

Instead Sproutman opted to spend some quality time in Europe where he has both friends and family. Lucky guy!

And now it’s time for Sproutman to hop on another plane and head out to San Francisco for the New Living Expo!



nDear Steve,

Just thought you’d like to know the feedback from my Irish colleagues:

‘It went really well and he is such a hero, so nice and calm after such a journey. We had very positive feedback from the attendees…So good natured despite his arduous journey.’

Aine Fanning, coordinator, College of Naturopathic Medicine and Complementary Medicine, Dublin.