DEAR SPROUTMAN: Is it ok to mix the wheatgrass with a green apple? I seem to have read somewhere that this is ok but I can’t find the reference. Also, I seem to recall that I read that one should not mix with an orange for some reason but I can’t remember why. Can you shed some light on this? I went back and read through your book and you say to keep it green and maybe mix with celery or other greens but I really like the taste better when I mix it with something sweet. Thanks – Russ

DEAR RUSS: Mixing celery or other greens is still best, but lots of folks mix it with carrots successfully. Certainly try your preferred mixes in small quantities and see how it sits with your stomach. At low doses and for healthy people none of this matters that much because you are just using wheatgrass for its nutritional benefits. However, if you are trying to cure something then you must follow the more purist approach and establish a strict dosage, frequency and purity protocol.