Today is day 10, the final day, of my juice fasting and detox program. I know some of you are thinking: “I can’t fast.” But I also know many of you do want to cleanse. I can help you formulate a non-fasting cleansing program using fruits and salads and fabulous tasting smoothies. That works, too. But fasting is well, faster.

Look, we’ve all been–for lack of a better term–polluting our bodies for years or decades. Surely you realize that ten days is not enough to reverse years of misdeeds. Many of us are busy running around doing our jobs, caring for our families, taking on stress, not getting enough sleep, gulping down our food, exercising rarely, working in unhealthy environments. Our bodies take lots of abuse. If you’re the type that drives your car or truck very hard and you burn it out, all you have to do is get a new one. Fine. But you can’t just go out and buy a new body. You need to do a better job of taking care of it because it’s the only one you’ve got.

If you want to do a better job of something, most times the first step is cleaning up. Cleaning the house; dragging the junk out of the attic; emptying the basement; mopping the floors, dusting, painting, and repairing. It’s the same thing with the body. But because it’s a big job, for maximum efficiency, juice fasting yields the optimum results. But if fasting just doesn’t appeal to you, then go with the smoothies and salads. It just depends on your lifestyle, what’s going on in your health, and if you can find some space in your schedule. The more serious the condition, the more dramatic the response.

Here’s What I Did
I began with a pre-fasting diet of salads and fruit smoothies. This time I did this for only one day, but two or three days is also an excellent approach. If you choose not to do a fast, this is the kind of thing you can do for your cleanse. Do fruit, fruit smoothies, salads, and green smoothies along with any of the fasting drinks.

I start my day with a liter of water. Sometimes I will down it within 20 minutes to help flush my intestinal track. An hour later I take a liver cleansing drink. There are many versions of these. But the simplest recipe contains grapefruit, lemon, and olive oil. My fast includes many different kinds of drinks: Herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, strained vegetable broths, flaxseed colon cleansers, Kombusha, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and pickle juice, and don’t forget, water. All in all, we aim to down a gallon or 4 liters of fluids per day. Remember, this is a cleanse. As with any piece of equipment, you need to empty it then flush it clean.  The colon cleanser and a nightly dose of milk of magnesia do the emptying. The water does the flushing. The juices provide the nourishment and one other thing. They act like a detergent. Their wealth of antioxidants, saponins, polyphenols, proanthrocyanidins, bioflavonoids, etc., all serve as herbal detergents to enhance cleansing, healing, and the repair your body needs.

The reason why I encourage you to try fasting, is that juicing provides greater nourishment than eating.  The truth is, our digestive systems are not that efficient. Oh, did you think you were getting 100% of what you ate? Sure, food goes in and out. But that’s just plumbing. Real digestion is the absorption and delivery of nutrients to your glands, organs, and tissues. This is where juicing excels. Juice doesn’t need to stop at the stomach. It goes right into the small intestine, through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. No digestion necessary. That’s as close to perfect absorption as you’ll ever get. Not only that, remember juice is a concentrate. So, while you would never eat a pound of carrots (impossible), you can easily drink the nutritional extract from a pound of carrots and have it enter your bloodstream within 60 seconds. The net result: You’re better nourished on a juice diet than when you eat. So, you don’t need to worry about starving or feeling weak. That’s for water fasters. When you fast on water only, you need a retreat where you can rest. Juice fasters, on the other hand, have the energy to work an almost normal schedule. During these least ten days, I’ve had more energy than ever. But I also made time for massage, colon hydrotherapy, daily exercise, super-hot epsom salt baths, saunas, etc. You get out what you put in.

If you do this cleanse correctly, you’ll feel better than ever. Here are few photos of me exercising on my 10th day of fasting. I’m sixty years old now; I take care of myself; and I feel great. Yes, it takes work to keep yourself in shape. But what’s the alternative? Our bodies are the only vehicles we have. And you can’t buy a new one. Sure we can get replacement parts: a new hip, kidney, pacemaker…but who wants that! My motto is: “It’s Easier the Stay Well, than to Get Well.” So let’s make the investment on the front end so that when we’re 90 instead of sitting in a wheel chair, we’ll be strolling in the park.
Both the juice fast and the cleansing diet require a pre-fasting diet, lots of fluids, a daily green vegetable juice, and colon cleansers, water, broths and many other drinks. But that’s just what you imbibe. Then there are supportive treatments such as massages and saunas, colonics and hyperthermia baths. And don’t forget aerobic exercises such as swimming, biking, walking, treadmill. Afterward, there is a transition diet back solid food and a post-fasting philosophy that perpetuates the benefits you experience during your fast. I know, it sounds like a lot. That’s why I lead fasting groups. Doing this kind of thing with the support of a guide and in a group setting makes it much easier. In a few hours I’ll be back with my group hearing their results and talking with them about all the things we can do to maintain the benefits they experienced during the fast. This is a local group here where I live in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. Maybe you think the locals are lucky. But now with the internet, I can support you too. Soon, I’ll be starting a four session juice fasting detox clinic online. There you can ask me questions, receive materials, and have my step by step guidance through the program in a group environment where location is not a limitation.

Cleanse With Me
If you’re interested in this kind of thing, please get on the list to get the class announcements and dates. Just click on the “I want to Cleanse” link below. Think about it. When the time is right for you, do it. Contemplation is good. But real health improvement requires action. Join me. If I can help you add one year to your life, then maybe I’ll get another as well. We’re not just living longer; we’re living better. Together, we can make a difference.

I want to Cleanse.