Paper Towel Reduces Root Cleanup

Many unbleached  and unchlorinated paper towel products are now available. Cut the paper to fit the tray. Start with one layer and see how it works.


The paper functions as a buffer to reduce the wheatgrass roots from locking into the holes in the seedling tray. Wet the paper so it adheres to the seedling tray.


Lay the pre-soaked wheatgrass seeds on top of the paper towel. Spread them out evenly.


Lay the seeds out evenly but only one level thick. Place the clear greenhouse lid on top and spray with the mister gun 2-3 times per day until the shoots are 1+ inches tall.

This is an alternative to the thin plastic sheet that comes with the Wheatgrass Grower. Although the plastic sheet is reusable, it is a relatively thick and springy surface while the paper towel is flat and firmly planted on the tray.

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