Dear Sproutman,

I’m inquiring about my fenugreek seeds. I have a concern with the failure of the germination rate of the fenugreek sprouts….

Please suggest how to remedy this problem…..

Sprout seeds ordered this spring were 5lbs of mung beans and 5lbs Fenugreek seeds. Below are pictures of 3rd day and only about 1/3 to 1/2 of seed actually sprouted :

Thank You for considering my concern.

P. Moore


Dear Pat,

Your fenugreek photo certainly shows poor germination. There are several things you can do.

First, please provide the lot number on the label so I can identify this fenugreek.

A few questions.

When did you order this fenugreek?

When it arrived, how did you store it?

Is the poor germination you show in your photo, the result of one attempt? Anything can happen when trying to grow sprout seeds. Even I get a bad crop occasionally that is inexplicable. But whenever I get a bad batch, I grow it again. Only after repeating THREE times will I condemn a seed. In fact, to your advantage, I do all this testing before I buy the seed for selling to you. So, in general, you can have confidence that you are buying good, pre-tested seed. However, other things can influence the viability of the seed. As soon as I get the seed, it goes into refrigerated storage. And it is packaged in an organic certified facility. So, just like when you go to the doctor, to diagnose what is going on with your seed, we need to make some tests.

Please go to my FAQ Page and follow my instructions in: “How to Test Your Sprouting Seed” and then read: “How Do I Store My New Sprouting Seeds?” Report back after you have tested your seeds again using my test instructions.

Best wishes,