Mr Sproutman,

Thanks so very much for publishing Sprouts The Miracle Food.  I cannot put this book down…there is so much I want to do…so much to learn. I’m graduating from the JAR !!!!

I recently purchased products to grow soil “MicroGreens”. A lot more work & more difficult to maintain proper climate, PH, etc. What I need to know: Are the Hydroponic seeds I purchased able to be used in the “Fresh Life Sprouter”? You also suggest to hatch the garlic & onion seeds first & then transfer them to a 6″ sprouter.  What is a 6″sprouter & where do I get it if it is not the Fresh Life Sprouter?

Thank you for your assistance.



Dear Martha,

I am delighted to hear that you enjoy my book Sprouts The Miracle Food.  First I would need to know the name of the seeds you are trying to sprout.  Second, ideally you can hatch garlic and onion seeds in a Sprout Bag and then transfer them to the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter or the Freshlife Manual Hand Watering Sprouter.  The Freshlife Sprouter is the replacement for the 6″ Sprouter.  Pictured are garlic sprouts.