Dear Sproutman,
Having recently quit smoking, my partner and I intend to embark on a life changing juice fast, but naturally I have some concerns regarding my under-active thyroid. I am a 36 year old Irish woman and was diagnosed a little under two years ago. At the moment I take 100mgs of eltroxin every day. Can you tell me if it is safe for me to do a juice fast?

Dear Rosie,

I don’t have any specific experience with fasters with under active thyroids. When you have medical concerns, I recommend you do a fast under the counsel of a clinic with health professionals that can monitor your daily numbers. My guided fasts online do not provide that level of service.

You may do better with my GREEN SMOOTHIE CLEANSE starting February 8 which is NOT a strict fast. You will cleanse, but it is not as dramatic a cleanse as a true fast and so you can continue taking your medcine. That would be my recommendation. Again, true fasting, I recommend a clinic where your condition can be monitored or some other arrangement you can make where you can be monitored.

As far as a cure goes, I recommend a vigorous exercise program. That is KEY. Combine it with cleansing and a careful diet including herbal support and together it will give you your best chance for normalizing thyroid function.  -Sproutman