Dear Friends
You know that labeling laws in the U.S. are notoriously inconsistent and favor those corporations that are eager to disguise what’s in their products – because if you really knew what went into those products they’d never make it into your shopping basket. So, in a country that labels everything from cosmetics to cleaning agents, it probably won’t surprise you that there are no laws in the U.S. requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Many other countries including Japan, Australia, the European Union and even China require labeling of genetically engineered foods – yet we do not, even though 93% of Americans believe GE foods should be labeled. I don’t think that’s right.

Please join this movement sponsored by CITIZENS FOR HEALTH and sign the petition to label these foods.

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Genetically engineered (GE) foods (also referred to as genetically modified, or GMOs) are, according to one of their biggest champions, biotech company Monsanto, “Plants or animals that have had their genetic makeup altered to exhibit traits that are not naturally theirs,” or could even occur naturally.

Citizens For Health has joined an effort with hundreds of organizations representing millions of Americans called the “Just Label It: We Have A Right to Know” campaign. It supports a petition to the FDA that calls for products that use ingredients produced with genetic engineering to disclose this information on their labels. Click here and take a moment to watch the video Just Label It: We Have A Right to Know.

If you agree, as we do, that you have a right to know if the food you are eating has been genetically engineered, join us in this effort. We must make sure the FDA hears loud and clear that Americans want access to truthful, non-misleading information about what we put into our bodies – we want GE foods labeled. It is your right to know what is in your food!

Take Action Now! Support this effort by Citizens for Health joining with dozens of other organizations to fight back against corporate control of what we eat. -Sproutman