The Easiest Liver Cleanse

Your Easiest and Arguably Most Important Drink

Greetings Cleansicians!

Virtually every day so far, I have taken this simple but important drink. It’s my easy liver cleanse. Liver cleansing is quite an art and you can take many more rigorous drinks and approaches to cleansing your liver. Some of my favorites are massage. Having a masseuse work on your liver and digestive organs for an hour is probably more effective than anything you can drink. Another approach is the coffee or wheatgrass enemas both of which stimulate the hepatic vein. This is the vein accessible in the colon that drains blood that has been cleaned by the liver. There are also a variety of drink recipes many of which are more intense than the simple recipe I use. I recommend this one because it is safe and effective if used regularly. In my opinion, the more intense liver cleanses should be taken in a clinic environment where you can be monitored and have the support to deal with the potentially more dramatic effects. However, if you are in a hurry for results and feel up to the challenge, you can certainly ratchet up the recipe. Both my Power Juices Super Drinks and Juice Fasting and Detoxification books have more information on liver detoxification. And don’t forget Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine where you can find instructions on wheatgrass enemas and other fun stuff!

Sproutman’s Simple Liver Cleanse Recipe
Juice from one organic Grapefruit
Juice from one organic Lemon
1 tbsp organic olive oil

It’s simple, delicious, and effective if you use it regularly. —Sproutman