Sproutman’s Pea Shoot Sprouting Seeds

Dear Sproutman
I ordered some green peas for sprouting from another company (tho they were sproutman seeds) and they have dark spots all over them- are they stale or moldy or is that how the green peas look?

Dear Andrea,
That is speckling and those are speckled peas. That’s their look. There are literally thousands of members of the pea family. And most of them have a unique look—just like people!
The harder part is whether they make great pea shoots. Pea shoots are 10+inch tall micro-greens. It requires a lot of selectivity to find the peas that will fit the bill for shoots. I like my shoots to be leafy as opposed to spindly. Here is a photo of a great batch of leafy peas I found some months back. Unfortunately, nature provides a different look with every new crop. So, that means Sproutmen like me, must keep on testing.
—Happy Sprouting, Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz