Dear Sproutman,

At your seminar in Toronto last November you  displayed the Freshlife Sprouter and we bought 1 as well 2 additional barrels, anyway  growing Alfalfa works well with suggested 6 TBS. But Buckwheat and sunflower seeds seem very sparse in the suggested booklet seed amounts even though about 100% of the seeds are growing. What is the maximum amount of buckwheat and sunflower seeds that I can grow on 1 Freshlife sprouter tray to make if look as full as the ones you displayed for us? Also on alfalfa, how high should it grow?—Frank Falsetti, Toronto.

Dear Frank,

Like any kind of gardening, we are in control of managing the size of our crops. Most folks want less so I recommend low rather than high. But it is a matter of trial and error. I suggest you make it 8 tablespoons. Or just add more each time until you get to the right amount that suits you. Alfalfa- depending on how much you plant, the height with be between 2-4 inches. By the way, I’ll be coming back to Toronto in Mid April. See you then.—Sproutman