Dear Sproutman,
I was told all bulk seeds that come in to the U.S. have been irradiated.  Have any of your bulk seeds been irradiated? –John B., Syracuse, NY

Dear John,
This information is not correct. Elements of the USDA have been trying to get us to irradiate sprouting seeds for a long time. However, it negatively impacts germination and they have not been able to force us to do so. There is no program for irradiating sprouting seeds at this time, even on the commercial (non-organic) sprouting seed side, and it is unlikely there ever will be. Even if it didn’t impact germination, you can trust that organic certified seeds are tracked from the source to the destination. They cannot be both irradiated and certified organic or they would fail certification.

Perhaps based on what you probably heard, there may be some irradiation going on in the commercial edible seed world, such as maybe wheat seed used for making flour for bread. But I am just speculating. I don’t have any direct knowledge of what goes on in that world.

Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman