Sproutman working with the Powerful Good 4U Blender


Dear Sproutman,
I am interested in your online cleansing class- I kind of need to know (roughly) how much money I might have to spend on fruit and vegetables. ( How much variety and quantity)  Also, are there additional supplements or powders or other products that I will need to buy? — Kathryn H. Kansas City, KS

Dear Kathryn,
It’s a good question and for the short answer I’ll draw on a quote from my book  Power Juices Super Drinks:  “health is not cheap, but it is a good investment.” Yes, you will be spending more dollars on vegetables and fruits, because you will be consuming more of them. That’s a good thing! And you will also be spending some money on nutritionals such as probiotic powders and intestine cleaners. Also, a good thing!

We’ll be enjoying blended salads and fruits, about 2-4 of those drinks per day. Maybe 2 pounds of fruit and 2 pounds of vegetables daily. Supplemental products such as colon cleansers could range from $35-100. Thus, your food and supplement expenses will definitely be more for this week. Exactly much more is a question you can answer better than me. Because you are in charge of which items you buy and how many of them you put in your shopping cart. So you do have full control. And you can do this program to as little or as much as is comfortable to you. But the more you do, the better will be your results. Again, any increased food expense is all going to good cause—your health!

Earlier this year, I bought a new car. It wasn’t too hard to justify the added expense because I was hemorrhaging money on repair bills! What I got was a better running, more comfortable, more enjoyable, more efficient vehicle. I believe it was a smarter use of my money because it was going toward my safety and comfort rather than a dying vehicle.

In the same way, if you spend money on your health, you’ll be saving money in the long run. Saving money on doctor bills and medicines, and the hassles and headaches of navigating through our health care system is money well spent. It’s the same thing with buying organic. Because it costs extra, it makes you wonder if it’s worth it? I feel that eating those pesticides and agricultural chemicals over decades of time is one of the reasons why our society is plagued with high rates of cancer. My choice is to spend the extra money now and avoid the doctor visits later. It’s cheaper in the long run. Food is a good investment.

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