DeSimple & Delicious Liver Gall Bladder Cleanse Recipear Smoothie Friends,
   Today, is DAY ONE of my Green Smoothie Cleanse. I started off the day with a liter of pure water. I timed myself to drink it all within 20 minutes. Yes, it requires some chugging down and it is not going to be easy for everyone. But the effort is worth the payoff. Some of this water moves through the intestinal track and it has the effect of a colonic, except this one is from the top down. Simply put, it’s a flush. Don’t worry, it’s gentle. But do keep the bathroom within visual range. After all, this is what a cleanse is all about, right?     My next drink today (after a minimum pause of one hour) will be a liver cleanse. Here is my simple recipe. You can see the tablespoon of olive oil at the top of the glass in the picture. It serves not as an ingredient but a stimulant. It stimulates the gall bladder to secrete bile. This is a light and manageable purge. It works itself through a little bit more each day and after a week, you’ll have a cleaner, leaner gall bladder and liver. My basic theory: Better out than in.

Sproutman’s Simple & Delicious Liver Cleanse Recipe

1 Pink Grapefruit
1 Lemon
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Pinch of Garlic

   I know some of you are more eager to push your body to its limits and others are more reluctant. It’s perfectly okay to come to this cleanse from different dispositions. Just do as much as you can do. If this is your first time doing a cleanse, just getting through it is an accomplishment. Next time around, I guarantee that you will go farther and cleanse deeper. Remember, you’ve spent decades building up the kind of gunk that you are now getting rid of. You can’t just rinse it off with water. You need to buckle down and scrub. So today, we start scrubbing. But rest assured, our techniques work little by little, day by day—nothing too dramatic. But you will make progress. And with each day and with each cleanse, your rate of progress increases.