Dehydrator BundleI like the round Gardenmaster one very much. I also love the Sedona. The digital round Gardenmaster dehydrator is a lot of dehydrator for the price. I use it more than the Sedona mostly because it takes up less counter space than both Sedona or the Excalibur. I like the white look in kitchen and I have 20 extra levels so when I need more drying space it adds vertically. I’ve got plenty of vertical room but not counter and I like that I can expand or contract the machine according my produce needs. The Gardenmaster is digital so it’s more accurate than the Excalibur and it uses less electricity and also produces lower EMFs. Sadly, Excalibur is 1980 technology. I bought my first one then. The insides really haven’t changed much.

I like the circulation in a round dehydrator. Round is more in harmony with the natural flow of air and I love the expand ability of the Gardenmaster. 5 trays – 20 trays, as you need it. However, the airflow inside the Sedona dehydrator box provides excellent coverage from edge to edge and I love the ability to economize with the Sedona by using one fan at a time.

Temperature in our Gardenmaster dehydrator never exceeds the temperature it is set to. But on a high stack of 15-20 levels, I rotate the lower levels with the higher ones to more evenly distribute the warm air flow. This is not an issue with when drying only 5 levels—only with a super tall stack of 15-20. I love having the heater on the top. I had the previous version with the motor on the bottom and all the drippings went it did get gunk in it.

Tribest-sedona-dehydratorThe Gardenmaster has got a great price. However the Sedona definitely is high tech and loaded with bells and whistles. They are both good. Decide if you are you partial to round or if you prefer a rectangle box? The Gardenmaster is white and the Sedona is black? Believe it or not, these are big factors for folks. But I think it’s more of a budget decision than anything else.

I trust the plastic in both units. I hated original plastic on the Sedona sliding trays. But they have all been upgraded now. Tribest the manufacturer of the Sedona is committed to upgrading all its plastics. Not only did they do it on their Sedona, but they also upgraded their Dyna-Blend, their Personal Blender and they just changed out the SoloStarII into a SoloStar III and the plastic was the ONLY change. So I am fine with the plastics on both units. More on plastics here: