Dear Sproutman: Why do I need to buy a sprout bag? Can’t I just use a jar? I’m afraid your fabric sprouter will get moldy.

Au Contraire my dear sproutlette, the jars often mold and the hemp is mold resistant! Jars have given sprouting a bad reputation. If you think about it, they were never meant to be used as a gardening tool. Plants need to breathe and jars have very limited air circulation. And they don’t have adequate drainage. It’s the incomplete drainage, stagnant air and excess water that promotes mold growth in jars. But you are right to be concerned about fabric molding. Many folks attache a cheesecloth with a rubber band to the mouth of the jar and it definitely breeds bacteria.

Jars are of course difficult to transport, are prone to breakage and accidents ruin your whole crop. They take up valuable kitchen space. And they’re time consuming—4 steps; you fill up, pour out, tilt at an angle, and then drain. Avid sprouters have more than one variety growing at a time. But it’s cumbersome to handle multiple jars and difficult to get hands in and out. Jars take up precious refrigerator and shelf space. Large jars take up gobs of room even though you may have only a few sprouts in them.

Sprout Bags on the other hand….Are Designed for sprouting. All sprouts get air. Good circulation prevents mold. 100% drainage without tilting or waiting. Water never collects. Saves time. Very convenient. Only 2 steps. Dip in water, hang on hook or knob. Or lay in dish rack or bowl. Lightweight, unbreakable. Great for traveling, camping, boating. Hemp fabric won’t shrink or mold. Wide opening for easy handling. Holds equivalent to 3/4 gallon jar. Saves counter space. Saves refrigerator space. Bags expand and contract per volume. Sprout bags will sprout all varieties but are especially good for growing all grains, beans, and even gelatinous seeds.