I wish I had a dollar every time someone told me they bought a VitaMix blender. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good machine and I sell it too—that’s not my problem. My problem is that it is too much machine! Most of us don’t need a commercial grade blender in our kitchens. Instead of plunking down so much money on one machine, I believe your health could be better served by owning a variety of appliances such as a juicer, a sprouter, a dehydrator, etc. So let’s take a look at some high quality alternative appliances that could satisfy your blending needs for a fraction of the cost.

The DynaBlend. All the blender power you’ll ever need in a home kitchen. Plus you get a 64 ounce real glass pitcher that’s not an option on a VitaMix. Also a stainless steel scoop. Programmed blending and pulsing times. Variable speeds up to 23,000 RPMS, and 10 long years—the best warranty in the blender business.

It’s a portable blender! The Personal Blender 250 comes with two 8oz and two 16oz BPA-free jars with lids so you can blend and go. No containers to clean out. Nothing to rinse! It’s fast and it’s clean. Prefer glass? Personal Blender 350 includes 4 different size glass mason jars. Both units come with 2 different blades for both blending and grinding so you can grind coffee or flaxseed into meal in addition to blending smoothies.

If you are indeed looking for a commercial blender, it’s because you need power—Raw Power! At 3.5 peak HP and 45,000 bare motor RPMs, the rugged Raw Power Blender outperforms the venerable VitaMix. It has the same price point but a 4 year motor warranty and is made in the USA. 64 oz. BPA-Free Container. Residential or commercial.