I’ve been on a whirlwind schedule for the past 8 weeks and with all the pressures of travel, lecturing and exhibiting, attention to my body’s needs has been less than optimal. I’m ready for a cleanse.

Sure, I keep a very clean diet, even when I travel. But I’m subject to the same challenges as anyone. Traveling, conventions and conferences, family gatherings, holiday meals,…all these present temptations outside my regular diet. My level of discipline with matters of food and health is pretty high, but I’m not a machine. Every day I’m presented with dozens of food choices and I don’t get every one right everyday.

For example, I just came from a holiday meal (the holiday was Sukkot) where there was an impressive smorgasbord of colorful desserts and somehow my sensors locked onto the dark chocolate.

Now, I try to keep a low sugar profile because I believe sugar is one of the most over-consumed and problem-causing foods in the modern diet. There are some who even believe it feeds cancer! But all I’ll say here is what you already know—sugar can be addictive.

These are challenges we all face, right? So if you are feeling the need to cleanse, the question becomes, how do we do it?

That’s why I wrote the book.