(cold)Pressing information: let me explain…

SoloStar 4 by Tribest. It’s sleek, quiet, super easy to clean, and slow. (Slow is good!) It extracts at just 57rpm, which means the juice you’re getting is minimally oxidized, and full of flavor and nutrients.

I use two juicers––the SoloStar and the SlowStar. People ask me, why? What’s the difference? Don’t they both make cold-pressed juices? Yes, they both make cold-pressed juices, but in other ways they’re completely different machines. I use both of them throughout the week.

The SoloStar 4 is a powerhouse at juicing leafy greens and if getting your daily dose of wheatgrass is what you are trying to accomplish it is definitely the juicer for you.

Slowstar_SW-2000_Main_wFruit_NoTxtSlowStar is the fastest, slow juicer available!
The SlowStar spins at the remarkably slow speed of 47 RPM’s and because of its “Duoblade” auger gets your juice done in record time. It leaves other juicers in the dust when juicing those tough root vegetables like beets and carrots. Drop in a carrot and you will barely have to touch it with the plunger. Gravity is your best friend with this juicer.

The SlowStar excels at making fruit juices. When you juice a watermelon, try it with a little lime and some mint for a refreshing cocktail.

ANOTHER IDEA! Pineapple juice is also a breeze. Try adding coconut water to a freshly juiced pineapple and you will feel like you are in the tropics.

Watch Sprout Brother Noah demonstrate the SlowStar’s functionality in-depth while making a delicious pineapple + apple juice. See the juicer in action live, and learn a new recipe at the same time!

Quiet & Powerful.
The SlowStar is incredibly quiet and very fast. I put it to the test during my last juice fast where it fed two of us every meal for 7 days. I made all our juices in the morning, put them in the freezer briefly to help stabilize the juice, and that was it. It held up wonderfully, and proved to be extremely versatile.

Quick to clean!
I can have the whole thing cleaned and put back together in under 5 minutes. (Noah demonstrates this in his video…) This is a big deal for me. Convenience is key and if I have to spend 20 minutes cleaning then it is not something I will do regularly and, let’s face it, we are trying to create habits that last.

I use the SlowStar as my do-it-all easy to travel with juicer. Want to see how it works? Check out Noah’s video on the SlowStar where he makes some delicious fresh pineapple juice.

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Slow Star Vertical Slow Juicer & Book Bundle

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 A word on pricing: we know, this is a competitive market, and you could choose to make your purchase elsewhere. We love to provide you with educational material, personal attention to any question or issue you may have, and special incentives. We’re shoppers too, however, and realize that in the end, it sometimes comes down to price.If you find a lower price on these fine machines elsewhere, before making your purchase, please let us know and we’ll do our best to match it. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with you.