It feels like everyone is trying to get into the wheatgrass market these days, or at least discover the next superfood. A quick google search yields enough results to completely overwhelm.. Whole wheatgrass powder, wheatgrass juice powder, freeze dried wheatgrass, and even wheatgrass shots preserved in tubes How do you choose?

With such a saturated market, it can be easy to get lost in claims and hype. So let us clear some things up. What is it that makes our wheatgrass capsules SO AMAZING?

1. Not all dehydrated powders are created equal.

Our wheatgrass is outdoor grown on super nutrient dense volcanic soil. It is harvested and juiced in a massive single auger slow juicer, much like the one you have at home, but the magic truly is in the dehydration process. Our juice powder retains its natural quality so well that when reconstituted in water it is virtually identical to fresh squeezed juice. All this and with no degradation of color, flavor, aroma, enzymes, or nutrition.

2. We use organic wheatgrass ‘juice’ powder, which is nutritionally superior.

There are plenty of opinions about the best way to consume wheatgrass out there. But here’s the deal—we’re not cows. We don’t have four stomachs and we cannot properly digest and assimilate the nutrients from grasses. That’s why we have to juice wheatgrass to reap all the nourishment. Even whole leaf wheatgrass powders that are finely ground and dehydrated are challenging to digest because grasses are so tough to break down on a cellular level.

But check out this graph to get an idea of how whole leaf wheatgrass powders and wheatgrass juice powders compare when it comes to some key nutrients. (Spoiler alert: wheatgrass juice powder is more bioavailable and nutritionally superior.)

Comparison Graph 1Comparison Graph 2

3. Our wheatgrass juice powder is in vegetarian capsules.

No one really likes cleaning up, whether it’s a fiber-blocked juicer or a powder gunked cup. We’ve made it easy to enjoy your daily shot of wheatgrass by jam-packing the good stuff into three tiny capsules. As an added bonus, this makes taking your wheatgrass on the go way easier when you have to travel. Our thought is that if it’s easy, it’s more likely to become a healthy habit. And that’s our mission, to help you be healthier and happier.

4. It’s the most affordable shot around!

If you go into a juice bar, a fresh wheatgrass shot is going to run you about 3-5 dollars an ounce. And while we’re all for fresh shots and supporting local juice bars, your daily routine deserves something a little more wallet friendly. That’s why 3 of our wheatgrass juice powder capsules (equivalent to 1 fresh shot) costs less than $1! We all deserve to infuse our bodies with rich, plant energy. If you can buy a small cup of coffee or tea every morning, you can afford to take our wheatgrass capsules.

Find out for yourself! When you take our wheatgrass juice capsules regularly you can really start to feel the difference in your energy and overall health. I think of wheatgrass as a way to recharge––actively supplying my body with the tools to create prolonged energy. Something that’s so important in our fast paced world.

Get your wheatgrass capsules today!

dr+alan+inglis+massachusetts+supplement+dr+schnuffies+cold+flu+natural+remedy+prevention+best+vitaminAn exceptional wheatgrass product from a family who has made this their life’s work. One can feel the difference usually with a clean energy lift after taking it. Not like other products at all. A powerful healing, detoxifying food. I highly recommend it.

– Dr. Alan Inglis, MD