What’s the difference between Sproutman® Sprouting Seeds and “bulk bin” Health Food Store Seeds

They’re both organic, right? Organic is something I am totally dedicated to and always have been. But organic only defines a method of agriculture. Organic oats or organic barley found in the health food stores, for example, are totally useless for sprouting. For the most part, health food stores provide grains and beans for cooking, not for sprouting. After all, it is not a gardening store.

What about when a health food store sells alfalfa or mung? True, they sell these seeds for customers who want to sprout them. But these are just commodities to the large distributors who sell thousands of items to health food and natural grocery stores nationwide. They don’t bother to test-sprout the seeds, or check their germination, or run tests for salmonella or e-coli contamination. I know; I’ve tried to sell to these distributors. Price is their overall purchasing criteria.

On the other hand, a sprouting company must use its seed. It must grow them and sell the grown sprouts to its customers. If those grown sprouts don’t look good, taste good, and perform trouble-free during the sprouting process, then a professional sprouter cannot afford to use them. You can probably understand, that all alfalfa seeds are not equal. Some grow taller and faster. Some create mold, others don’t. Some have 96% germination, some have 86% germination. Some taste bitter, some sweet. Some are prone to root rot, others are resistant. And some may be contaminated with rodent droppings from the fields! If you are a professional sprouter, you are keen to check for all these conditions.

But that’s not all, even if the large distributors happen to get lucky and buy great seed by accident, that seed often lives in bulk bins at health foods stores for months. During that time it is absorbing moisture from the air, and is being exposed to light, heat, and oxidation. Germination is depreciated by all these elements. Good sprouting seed must be protected by sealed packaging for best results. Buy your sprouting seed from a sprouting seed company. It may cost more but you will have a delightful, headache-free experience and your diet will be enriched by some of the worlds finest, living foods.