How Do I Store Sproutman’s® Organic Sprouting Seed? Seeds need to be kept cool and dry. Steady temperature control is better than large swings of seasonal high and low temps. But some seeds lose germination more than others even under the best of conditions. So unless you are preparing for an around the world boat trip, I recommend your only buy enough seeds to last you a few months at a time. Most seeds that you have purchased within the past year are likely to be good. Although you may have heard that some seeds such as alfalfa can last for many years, that is only true under the best of storage conditions. Moisture, air (oxidation), heat, and light are the enemies of seed.

When you receive your seeds, remove them from their package and store them in a sealed jar. Make sure there is a rubber gasket to create a perfect seal inside the lid. Keep moisture out at all costs. Store that jar in a dark, cool place. Refrigerator? Yes, if you have the space, but make sure they are placed in a moisture proof container. Refrigeration is beneficial, but not required. Freezing seeds is also okay for most seeds but not for all. For more details, read the storage section of¬ Sprouts the Miracle Food.