Exciting new product news! We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Sprouts by Jonathan, a sprout-infused natural skincare line developed by our good friends over at Jonathan’s Sprouts!

What? Sprouts in skincare?! It may sound strange, but putting sprout extracts into soaps and lotions isn’t a gimmick. There’s real, hard science to back it up. That’s why we are so crazy about this new skincare line!

Along with its infamous anticancer properties, broccoli sprout extract has been shown to have powerful skin-protective benefits. According to research from a team of Johns Hopkins scientists, “humans can be protected against the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation – the most abundant cancer-causing agent in our environment – by topical application of an extract of broccoli sprouts.” Unlike a sunscreen, which just blocks UV rays temporarily, broccoli sprout extract actually fortifies skin cells to fight off the damaging effects of UV radiation.

And it continues to work even after washing it off. As discussed in the Washington Post, the research team “exposed areas of volunteers’ skin to intense ultraviolet light one to three days after the broccoli-sprout extract was applied to some areas. The extract was all but rubbed and washed away by the time the light exposure occurred, but by then the sulforaphane had turned on key genes in the skin cells, which beefed up production of Phase 2 enzymes. Compared with untreated areas, spots treated with the extract had, on average, 37 percent less redness and inflammation — key measures of future skin cancer risk.”

The antioxidant power of broccoli sprouts is well known for fighting off free radical damage–even topically—making it a mighty force in counteracting prolonged damage. For those looking for anti-aging beauty benefits, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of broccoli sprout extract can help soothe inflammation, diminish redness, fend off premature wrinkles, and improve the skin’s overall tone and texture. Is your skin craving more sprouts yet?

The incredible therapeutic potential along with the clean, natural ingredients are just a few of the reasons why we love the Sprouts by Jonathan skincare line. From their sprout-infused Therapy Soap and lip balms to the deeply nourishing Skin Superfood, these products are super pure and incredibly effective. We don’t put anything on our skin that we would be scared to put in our mouths, and these products totally pass that test.

What are you waiting for? Don’t just heal yourself from the inside out. Do a wellness double whammy and heal from the outside in by powering your self-care routine with sprouts!

Check out our new selection below!


Broccoli Sprout Infused Skin Care. Handmade & 100% Natural

The Broccoli Sprout deodorant might be our favorite product in this line. No one wants toxic aluminum or harsh formulations in their delicate areas, but smelly pits aren’t ideal, either. Unfortunately, most deodorants aren’t great in the anti-stink department—except for this one! We love this deodorant because it contains clean, powerful ingredients that actually work to reduce stink while soothing the skin and detoxifying at the same time. (Yes, it actually works! It’s a natural deodorant miracle!) And this formula doesn’t irritate or dry out our armpits—which is a struggle we’ve both had with many natural deodorant formulas.

Broccoli Therapy Cream 

Herbal Tea and Broccoli Sprout Treatment

Deeply penetrating moisturizing cream for dry and problematic skin. Long lasting and nutrient dense. Features our signature, hand-pressed 21 herb and Jonathan’s Organic Broccoli Sprout infusion. Unscented.

This Stuff is the [LIP]BALM!

Two Balms – 0.15oz each

100% Natural. Features our Jonathan’s Organic Broccoli Sprout infusion with Vitamin E antioxidants to help protect and moisturize your lips. Provides ultimate comfort to dry, chapped lips. Long lasting and nutrient dense. Leaves no unpleasant aftertaste.

Broccoli Therapy Salve

Apothecary. Hand-Pressed 21 Herb Infusion

Deeply penetrating moisturizing, nourishing and soothing salve for extremely dry and problematic skin. Helps provide relief and comfort. Use on elbows, feet and hands for dry winter-cracked skin. Long lasting and nutrient dense. Features our signature hand-pressed 21 herb and Jonathan’s Organic Broccoli Sprout infusion. 100% Natural.

Sprout Soap

Ultra Rich and Soothing Body Soap

Handcrafted, highly moisturizing soap for dry and problematic skin. Helps to comfort and soothe extremely dry and itchy skin. Nutrient dense. Emollient. Features our signature, hand-pressed 21 herb and Jonathan’s Organic Broccoli Sprout infusion. 100% Natural.